State of the art

It’s been a turbulent week in the world of climatic science, with concerning events occurring across the spectrum. Nevertheless, we press on with our project. As we move towards our Kickstarter campaign, our first business is bringing the existing artwork up to display quality.

Over the past year, we’ve worked on numerous designs, draughts, sketches, and concepts, as we’ve contemplated what the key components and features of the new game are going to be. Some just need to be revisited and polished, while others will need considerably more iteration.

Thus far, quality concept art has been difficult for us to produce internally; many of the early team members were multi-disciplinarians, and lacked the specific skillset necessary to take the work to a sufficiently high level (this is the main reason we haven’t shared many pictures with you previously).

Fortunately, though, we’ve just welcomed a new Concept Artist into the team. They’ll develop our first high-quality graphical assets from the work that’s already been done, and we intend to be sharing some of these very soon – including the first look at a major new feature we’re adding to gameplay.

Overall, the pace at Soothsayer is picking up day by day, week by week, as we move past some of the difficulties that have impeded us. As the team gets busier and busier, events in the outside world remind us of the value our product can have, to help people understand the weighty, complex problems we all face.

As always, thanks for your ongoing support and interest, and we’ll be back with another update next week.
The Fate team