We go again

Much has happened since last we spoke, but we enter the new year with a revitalised core team, and a clear purpose.

The next five months are critical for Fate of the World Online. Our vision is undiluted: to bring a fresh and important new game about global warming to as many players as possible, including free use for educational institutions everywhere.

To achieve that vision, we need to go into funded production; we’ve taken the project as far as we can using volunteer work and organic growth. We envisage that the upcoming development will be broken into three phases.

Phase 1 will deliver a minimum viable product (MVP) that we can open up to beta players. We think that will take six months from start of production.

Phase 2 will expand on that MVP over about 12 months to reach a public launch of the game.

Phase 3 will continue to revise and improve the game as it is being played publicly, responsive to player comments and criticism, as well as emerging science.

Funds for phase 1 we envision coming from a Kickstarter (watch this space!).

Funds for phase 2 we will raise from private investment, based on a successful Kickstarter proving interest.

Phase 3 will be funded from our earnings. Our goal overall is to create an ongoing, sustainable way to develop Fate of the World Online for you, and everyone else who cares about the impact of climate change on humanity.

We hope you will come along for the ride, and if you know anyone, or know anyone who knows anyone, who might help us – please put them in touch!

Best regards,

The Fate team