Interesting times

Workwise, we’ve been very design-focused this week. We’ve started with our old work on the diplomatic interface, and subjected it to a rigorous reiteration. This is one of the first new design features we worked on – you can read our earlier thoughts on the subject here.

We’ve taken the key concept of an innovative deal-making system, and expanded on its function considerably, to ensure it beds in with our wider understanding of the product – we have a lot more answers now than we did when the last article was published.

It’ll still be a while before we have shareable assets, but the core team is clicking back into place in a very satisfying way. We’re really starting to see the benefit of shared focus, as everyone brings their strengths to the table – by the beginning of March, we anticipate that the company will be at its highest level of function ever, which is very gratifying for all those who have kept the faith over the last couple of years.

Meanwhile, the news continues to urge our efforts onwards. 2016 was reported as the hottest year ever, with a worryingly low levels of arctic ice coverage. There’s increased political sensitivity around the subject of climate change too; we linked to the uncertainty surrounding the EPA last week, with the Trump administration’s actions confusing and worrying many. There have even been rumblings of war. It is certain that we live in interesting times; through our efforts we hope to make them more understandable too.

As always, thanks for reading, and we’ll be back next week with another update.

The Fate team