Intermission statement

It was a break from development this week for the Fate team, as we needed to attend to a variety of outstanding issues. On the plus side, the result should be that we’re able to work together at a greatly increased level, and we’re looking forward to making significant progress in the months ahead.

Our goal remains the same: we want to make a game that explains the issue of climate change to people clearly. We want it to be easier to access than the first game, and we also want to make improvements to the gameplay too. Finally, we want to make the game multiplayer as well as single player, something we think will significantly aid its ability both to educate and entertain.

Platform-wise, we want to make it as accessible as possible to players all around the world. As before, PC will be our primary platform, but we will also develop with mobile and tablet versions in mind. Linux, too, is something we want to consider in our plans. Modern middleware platforms mean we can reach out to a far wider audience than we could before.

Middleware is not the only thing that’s changed since we worked on the first game. Public perception of the issue has changed massively; scarcely-known issues that we included like fracking and carbon capture are now widely understood and discussed. Collectively, as a species, we’re getting smarter and more serious about the issue every day. Though some still seek to deny and obfuscate the theory and data of climate change science, one thing is for certain: this issue affects each and every one of us alive on this planet, and it is not going away unless we work together to resolve it. That’s the thought which keeps the core of the Fate team turning up every week, no matter how gruelling the process has been.

As always, thanks for reading, and we’ll be back next week with reports of how our new phase is progressing.

The Fate team