A frightening prospect

One of our main focuses this week has been the first piece of mood art we’ve commissioned. Known internally as Dystopia 1, it’s a fresh vision of what our world might look like if humanity doesn’t tackle climate change properly.

Anticipating the current worse-case scenario of a 2.5 metre sea rise, it’s a vista of a great coastal city, its vital seafront now inundated by a relentlessly rising tide. The skyline of the once-proud metropolis looms eerily over the floodwaters, whilst despondent refugees, huddled amid the faded relics of a crumbling civilization, hopefully await whatever aid the city may still offer.

It’s a powerful piece, both stark and beautiful. The artist we’re working with has a style that suits Fate of the World well, with both impressionistic and realistic aspects to his work. It feels like a natural progression from the sort of images seen on the card art of the original.

Dystopia 1 is currently going through a small round of tweaks, but it shouldn’t be long now before we share it with you. Mailing list subscribers will get the very first look in a special bulletin, so please sign up using the red widget at the top right if it’s something that interests you. We’ll be running another competition, too, so you’ll have a chance to win a Steam key for the Tipping Point original game bundle, which you can use for yourself or give to a friend.

Dystopia 1 aside, there’s been plenty of other things going on, with a daily cycle of reviewing materials, discussing improvements, setting new objectives, and generating assets. We’ve got at least two more mood pieces in the immediate pipeline too, alongside our interface visualisations.

It’s a hectic workload, which often sees us working late into the night. Nevertheless, the mood is very positive: when work is as engaging and fluent as this, it’s a pleasure to be part of it.

As always, thanks for reading, and we’ll be back next week with the latest instalment.

The Fate team