Competition prose

Thank you to everyone who sent us feedback and entries for the newsletter competition last week, all your input was appreciated. It’s helped us refine our proposals further, and we’ll share our conclusions with you in the next news bulletin.

Only one person could win the prize, and, after careful calculation, we came to the conclusion that Ronan Birrien guessed the closest to our provisional figures. Well done, Ronan; please check your e-mail for your Steam key.

Competition aside, it’s been a busy week. There’s been plenty of design work – some interface elements are now on their twelfth iteration, and it’s been fascinating to look back at the wire-frames archive, and see how our thoughts have evolved. The first proposals look incredibly vague and crude now, compared to the refined and precise plans we now possess.

These now need to be handed off to our graphic designer for a presentation pass, so it’ll still a while before we can share them with you, but we hope to be showing first glimpses within the next few weeks.

Some things you’re likely to see sooner than that are the first “mood” pieces we’ve commissioned – artwork that visualises some of the potential futures that can emerge from the game model. These will be the subject of the next news bulletin, so if you want to be among the first to see them, please use the red widget on the top-right of this webpage to subscribe.

The team will resume work next Tuesday, after a short break for Easter. There’s going to be plenty to do when they get back: the script for our Kickstarter video is currently on its first draft, and we have a major website upgrade in advanced discussion too. Overall, there’s a great sense of purpose and confidence in the air, and the team are highly inspired. It’s made all the trying times we’ve had over the past couple of years seem very worthwhile.

As always, thanks for reading, and we’ll be back next week with another update.

The Fate team