Hard copy

It’s been another full week. We’re waiting on our first artwork to come through, and in the meantime we’ve been focusing on our Kickstarter copy – the written text that forms the backbone of our page.

There’s been a lot to go through, a lot to edit, and a lot to talk about. At times, it’s been pretty brutal – some parts have gone through five or six rewrites now, with whole swathes of painstakingly-written text being shown the delete key.

Nevertheless, tempers haven’t frayed too much: everyone is focused on making the campaign as good as it can be, so we keep at it until we’re all satisfied with the results.

One bit we’re all quite happy with right now is the basic reward tiers – what people will get for supporting our campaign. The list has shrunk and grown several times over the last couple of weeks, but at the time of writing it’s reached a level where everyone agrees with what’s on the list.

We’d also quite like to know what you think. So, we’re sending them all out to everyone on the mailing list – if you’re not already on it, you can sign up using the red widget at the top-right of this webpage.

The newsletter also has a competition to enter, with a prize of a free Steam key to the winner. The results will be announced in next week’s dev blog.

Thanks for reading, and we’ll be back next Friday.

The Fate team