Serious business

New team members, new ideas, and plenty of new tasks – last week was extremely busy. As a result, we managed to miss our usual Friday slot for posting the dev blog, but the end of the week got very hectic; we had company accounts to file, alongside everything else that needed doing, and we simply didn’t get the chance to post anything.

We continue to assemble the elements of the Kickstarter campaign, and are pleased with the emerging structure. Daily progress meetings have meant we’ve had the chance to fully review the goals and rewards we’re offering in great detail. Sometimes, it’s been frustrating, but more often revelatory – arguments which have spun in a circle for ages have finally been given enough energy to set them straight. It’s a deeply satisfying feeling.

Other long-standing issues have been resolved too. A few community members had notified us that the Newsletter sign-up had stopped working, an issue we managed to get to the bottom of. If you’ve experienced problems signing up previously, please go and give it another go. One warning, though: you’ll need to clear your browser cache first, as otherwise the fix won’t display.

In honour of the Newsletter widget’s resuscitation, we’re putting together a new edition for release shortly, which will give the readers first looks at many aspects of our upcoming campaign. If you haven’t signed up already, please give the red widget to the right of this text a quick try.

As always, thanks for reading, and we’ll be back on Friday with more news of what’s going on.

The Fate team