A brighter prospect

This week, we concluded work on our latest concept art, and it turned out so well we wanted to share it with you straight away.

As we’ve mentioned earlier, Utopia1 is the sister piece to the previous work we posted last week.

It’s a vision of the same city shown as before, but how things might like if humanity actually manages to get things right.

It’s a captivating and alluring image, which emphasises the crossroads at which we as a species currently stand: this is a future we may attain, but it is far from guaranteed.

Those mindful of history cannot ignore that the current social and environmental conditions we are experiencing mirror some of the direst times in our planet’s history.

Nevertheless, it is also true that no species in the history of the Earth has ever evolved to the point we’ve currently attained. The pace at which our technologies progress seems to ever-accelerate, with dirty and problematic behaviours vanishing as a result of sheer technological obsolescence. It may yet well be sapience that preserves us as hominids.

Many outcomes are foreseeable, and despite the seriousness of our times it is not unreasonable to hold an optimistic view for the future. A primary reason we work on Fate of the World is just to understand the immensity of the issue for ourselves; we can report that the day-to-day mood in the office remains cheery.

Work resumes promptly on Monday morning, with a major creative meeting happening. The outcome should be very exciting, and a major step towards the launch of our Kickstarter campaign.

We’ll be back next week to let you know how everything’s gone. In the meantime, thanks for reading.

The Fate team