Crunch time

The last newsletter contained a rather pernicious competition: could you guess the identity of the artist behind the Dystopia1 concept art, knowing only the first letter of their username?

It turned out that no-one was capable of doing this, so earlier in the week we provided another clue: the last letter of their username.

That was all it took for a winner to emerge, with Matthijs Krijger swiftly calculating that GutsBerserk (aka Joe Knight) was the talent at play. Well done, Thijs, a Steam key for Tipping Point is headed your way

For those of you not subscribed to the newsletter (something easily rectified using the red widget on the top-right of this page), we promised we’d share the Dystopia1 concept art with you, so here it is:

Joe’s been working on two other pieces also. Utopia1, the sister piece to the work above, will be signed off shortly – once it is, we’ll be sharing the first look with the mailing list. The final work in the series is only at preliminary sketch stage, so expect to hear more about that in due course.

Alongside Joe’s work, there’s a plethora of other activities underway, with the video and graphic design briefs both progressing nicely.

It’s been something of a change for the core team: previously, we’ve concocted visions and proposals that have gained agreement internally, but now we have to find out if they inspire others also, so they can provide us with the skills and expertise we need.

With mere weeks before the Kickstarter campaign is scheduled to launch, there is more than a little tension in the air. Even so, our work is never less than compelling: every day, the news and research we read gives us conviction in our goals.

The data shows that climate change is the greatest challenge humanity has ever faced. To contemplate it, study it, and share those observations with others, is an undertaking we find very fulfilling indeed.

As always, thanks for reading, and we’ll be back next week with our latest news.

The Fate team