Reality Check

Dear supporters, there’s going to be a change of plan. We’re going to have to delay the launch of our Kickstarter campaign.

This is not a decision we’ve taken lightly. We’re very focused on bringing Fate of the World up to date for you, with important new features that we think you’ll love; and we’ve spent our own money and put in months of hard work to get to this point.

However, as part of our process we’ve consulted several experts on the subject including Ico Partners who specialise in crowdfunding. Their advice has been unanimous: our campaign is not ready for launch. A critical factor is that we haven’t done enough to graphically illustrate our new gameplay for you, including in our video.

As a result, we’ve decided to delay launch and fix that problem. The delay will give us a chance to address other minor issues too, and give the best possible chance of successfully funding the new game. our commitment to the project remains strong, and we’ll be sharing more with you as we proceed into the first stages of development, to bring our designs and proposals to life.

Our goal remains unaltered: to bring you Earth’s clearest, deepest, most accessible climate change simulation game.