Coming of the storm

At the time of writing, we’re watching distressing scenes coming in from Houston. Hurricane Harvey has brought over four feet of rainfall (1.2 metres) to America’s fourth-largest city, causing extensive floods that have already killed at least one person, and rendered thousands more homeless.

Already it is the heaviest rainfall ever recorded in Texas, with reports that it could get even worse, should the storm return again.

Was global warming implicated in the severity of this disaster? Climate scientist Michael Mann certainly thinks so, and explains why in detail here.

All the science suggests that incidents like this are going to become more common, and more severe, as the climate of our planet heats up. The conditions humanity has grown accustomed to for thousands of years will see dramatic change, and may never return to their original state.

It’s this knowledge which keeps us working away on the sequel, as we try to comprehend all the complexities of this situation, and then model them in a way that makes them easily understandable to a wide audience. These matters are so important to all of humanity, it’s critical that we can educate ourselves and others about them. It’s true that we want to make a really good game too… but it would be hard not to if we can capture even a fraction of our vicious predicament.

Development-wise, progress towards the Kickstarter launch is good. The first gameplay tranche is pretty much complete now, and we’ll be recording gameplay footage later this week, for use in our campaign video.

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Klaude and Matt
Soothsayer Games